Do you have a project/work experience for a physics or maths undergraduate or PhD student

SEPnet (South East Physics Network) is calling for ideas and propsoals from companies for Summer placements in 2020.

SEPnet organises an annual summer placement scheme for physics and maths students at Hertfordshire, Kent, Portsmouth, Queen Mary, Royal Holloway, Southampton, Surrey, Sussex and Open University universities. For summer 2020, SEPnet is seeking 8-week plus projects in industry or research in areas such as data analysis, mathematical modelling, product design and testing or science communication.

Who can apply?:- The scheme is aimed at any organisations interested in recruiting physics or maths graduates, or who can offer valuable business experience, including large companies, SMEs, start-ups, research institutions, charities and NGOs.

Benefits to employers

  • Early access to bright, numerate students with excellent problem-solving and IT skills.
  • Enables you to carry out projects you would not normally have time for.
  • Provides a fresh perspective on your business challenges
  • All advertising, administration and placement support is handled by the SEPnet team
  • Some funding available for SMEs

Register your placement project online by Friday 7 February.

Similar Summer placements schemes are available from many Universities around the UK, please contact you local institute for further information.

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