Future photonics – scanning the horizon

Horizon scanning

Photonics has enabled the internet, 3d metal printing and corrective eye surgery, amoung countless applications – where will it take us next?

In collaboration with the leading UK photonic researchers, the PLG will begin 2020 by facilitating a Horizon Scanning process to develop a community vision for future UK photonics research. Focusing on expansive capture of future possibilities where UK photonics research may go, we are seeking to identifying new topics that have yet to be a signficant focus of global research and areas where major breakthroughs may occur.

“What will you, your peers and colleagues be researching and publishing in 10 years”

The outputs will be feed into the research councils, Innovate UKRI and government. This is a start of a processes, initial working with the research community, that will continue with input from industry, policy makers and users on the research topics of greatest interest to them. The objective is to compliment the recent Electech sector roadmap and the new UK Government’s focus on Science and Technology helping to inspire and ensure support for the continued global leadership of UK Photonics.

An initial workshop is being planned for early 2020. Particiaption will be by invitation, if you would like to a express interest in joining the discusion please contact us , or add your thoughts in comments to this blog.

We are particularly intersted in hearing from early career researchers who would be willing, able and interesting in helping us facilitate this process.

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