Future Photonic Leaders

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Early career photonic professionals and researchers are invited to a virtual sandpit meeting on 9th September to discuss the formation of new UK Early Career/ Future Photonics Leaders group focused on fostering, supporting and capturing the opinions of those early in their photonics careers that will lead UK industry and research in the future.

Those starting and developing their photonic careers today will be the industrial and academic leaders of the future. It is hoped this group will run alongside the current PLG to foster interaction, mutual support, and insights to ensuring the future photonics ecosystem is one that participants will be proud of, motivated to lead, would recommend to others and provides dynamic, diverse and rewarding career opportunities.

As a starting point an initial draft scope, activity focus and terms of reference for the group has been developed and is open for comment and discussion on 9 September (15:00-16:30 by Teams). Preregistration is requested. The new group will need to be self-organising and volunteers will be sort to take the group forward with support and coaching from the current PLG.

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