How well do you know your research partners?

The UK Cabinet Office Trusted Research Campaign, have developed new and updated guidance for academics and industry involved in international collaborations.

UK’s research and innovation sector, including photonics, attracts collaboration and investment from across the globe, with huge benefits, but also some risks. This latest government guidance is designed to support particularly those in STEM academic and research communities to understand these risks and how to protect their research and staff.

The on-line guidance contains a host of information that which the PLG would encourage academia and industry to be familiar with including :

  • Information about the kinds of risks that may encountered
  • Guidance on what questions you should ask potential funding or research partners
  • Checklists on how they go about performing appropriate “due diligence”
  • Information about human rights in different countries
  • Export controls and how to manage them
  • Toolkits from partners such as the Intellectual Property Office
  • Keeping your research secure when presenting at or attending overseas conferences

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