UK photonics industry size: supporting the 2021 update

We have started the process to generate the biennial update to the size of the UK photonics industry. The accuracy of our estimate depends on including all the relevant. companies who offer photonics products and services in/or from the UK, whether for internal or external customers. We have already added ~200 companies to our list of UK photonics companies this year, please check the list, now searchable by region, and use the attached update form or contact us with your suggestions for additions.

The PLG’s sizing of UK photonics uses financial data reported by firms to Companies House. For diversified firms only an estimated portion of the business relating to photonics is included in the figures. The use of official data improves accuracy, but means our figures refer to a period ~1 year prior to calculation. For the 2021 update this means our estimate of the size of UK photonics industry will relate to the year prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How close will we be to the £15 billion industry predicted from historical growth?

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