Photonics enabling Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering  is one of the biggest trade shows in the UK, with 700+ exhibiting companies and 13,000 attendees bringing together engineering decision-makers from OEM’s and top tier manufacturers across many sectors. The show features many manufacturers with a focus this year on Aerospace, Automotive, Performance Metals and Composites.

The KTN and are running a session on Photonics in Applied Engineering at the show to highlight how Photonics impacts many aspects of advanced engineering and offering brokerage opportunities, for more details and registration for 3rd Nov 2016

Brokerage is offered at the show with
1. Meeting mojo, details will be sent to you on registering for the above Photonics session.
2. Virtual brokerage at Collaboration corner. The KTN (a partner in RESPICE SME) are inviting SMEs to post a profile at the show. They will post profiles and attendees at the show with an interest in profiles can leave a business card if they are interested in exploring further and can connect each other after the show. We will also disseminate profiles across RESPICE SME partners for further collaboration opportunities across the EU. Contact us if you would like to participate and we will forward your enquiry to the KTN.

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