Photonics21 Annual Meeting set for May2020

For 2020 the Photonics21 annual meeting will take place 27-28 of May. Two months later than its traditional slot at the end of March.

Whilst the focus of the annual meeting will be on the next framework programme, Horizon Europe, the current Horizon 2020 programme is not quite finished. The final photonics calls in Horizon 2020 will open on the 19th November 2019 and close 22nd April 2020:

ICT-36-2020: Disruptive photonics technologies

  • 3D light field and holographic displays
  • Packaging and module integration for photonic integrated circuits (PIC)
  • Light to Fuel
  • Next generation biophotonics methods and devices as research tools to understand the cellular origin of diseases

ICT-37-2020: Advancing photonics technologies and application driven photonics components and the innovation ecosystem

  • Flexible Farm-to-Fork Sensing
  • Novel Photonics Integrated Circuit (PIC) Technology building blocks
  • Smart Photonic Sensing for Environmental Pollution Detection

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