Westminster Photonics and Quantum Showcase welcomed by parliamentarians

Westminster Palace

More than 20 examples of leading UK photonics products and quantum innovations were on display at the Westminster showcasing the UK Photonics and Quantum Industries on 6 July 2022.

In a tumultuous day in Westminster, politicians from across the UK took time out of busy schedules to talk direct to a cross-section of the UK Photonics and Quantum industry over breakfast. Examples from those using laser based materials processing in cutting edge manufacturing, developers of optical semiconductors and photonics based satellites to the latest UK optical communications products were all represented along with key components for defence and security and next generation quantum technology.

2022 westminster photonics quantum showcase

The PLG is grateful for the collaboration of the All-Party-Parliamentary-Group on Photonics and Quantum in organising the showcase, participating organisations who travelled from across the UK and the Photonics21 BestPhorm Horizon 2020 CSA project for their support.

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