UK Photonics Covid-19 impact second survey planning

The PLG are currently constructing the second survey of the impact of Covid-19 on the UK Photonics and Acoustics industry. Our first survey in April showed the high resilience of UK Photonics manufacturing at the peak of lockdown and the high degree of uncertainty on future impact.

The second survey will seek to generate an updated picture of the current impact, state of recovery and fuller picture of future impact. The survey will be released in early September and we currently welcome suggestions for the key questions to include. Please submit suggestions via our contact form and join the UK photonics contact list to recieve a copy of the survey when released.

As one of the earliest checks of industry impact, the PLG’s first survey was keenly received by a number of government agencies, industry and research organisations. The second survey is being issued in response to requests for an updated picture of the on-going impact of Covid-19 on one of the UK key cross-cutting and enabling industries.


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